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Reading the Right Book at the Right Time

reading the right book at the right time

We believe that words shape us as individuals. Words stay with us as we go through life, and the words we kept sacred yesterday may be different than the words we need today. Whatever you may be experiencing right at this time in your life, there are the right words for it. The right words comfort us in need. They breathe life into our beings. They show us how we feel.

Sometimes, you find the right book at the right time. Somehow, you find the words you need at that exact moment in your life, whether you’re traveling the world or grieving a breakup on your couch. Books are magic in this way. They make you feel connected, they comfort you, they show you something of yourself you didn’t know before.

At Capsule Stories, we give you the words you need for each season of your life in our print literary magazine. But we also want to hear about your experience reading the right book at the right time. Tell us about that book that came into your life at the exact right moment and how it spoke to you. Maybe it was a book you were supposed to read in college but didn’t read until years later. Maybe it was a book a friend insisted you borrow. Maybe it was a book that caught your eye in the bookstore even though you knew nothing about it.

You know that book? Good. Now write about it. Explore that moment in your life and how the book spoke to you, shaped you. Then send it our way.

We’re looking for remarkably written essays under 3,000 words on reading the right book at the right time for our blog. Please email Capsule Stories blog submissions to us at and include Blog Submission in your subject line. Blog submissions are accepted year-round.

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