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We’ve Been Featured on Book Riot!

capsule books

We’re so happy to announce that our founder, Natasha Lioe, was recently featured in an article on Book Riot. Shoutout to Sophie @_sophiereads for writing this piece! Natasha talked about why she started Capsule Books, what Capsule Stories means to her, and what problems that readers encounter she believes are solved by the existence of Capsule Books.

Here’s a preview of the interview!

Q: How did you come up with the name for Capsule Books? 

Natasha: It was inspired by Marie Kondo and the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I love that it’s “only what you need, and nothing more.”

Q: What inspired the launch of Capsule Stories?

Natasha: I have always wanted to get into publishing and making literature more accessible to “non-readers.” I think it’s important to offer something that’s representative of our generation, our struggles, and the universality of the human condition. I always had it in mind, but never had the courage.

Q: What are you looking for when you choose submissions? 

Natasha: Feeling. I’m looking for feeling. If something can resonate with me or make me empathize with the author, then I’m in. I love pretty words, the feeling of youth and beauty, and very atmospheric tone. I have an affinity for sad words. Carolina, my partner with Capsule Stories and an all around intelligent and literary person, and I really look for something that can fit into that season. Often times we will accept certain submissions for a future season.

Read the whole interview here!