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Announcing the Capsule Stories Best Small Fictions Nominations 2021

The Best Small Fictions is the first-ever contemporary anthology solely dedicated to anthologizing the best internationally published short hybrid fiction in a given calendar year. Now in its sixth year of existence, The Best Small Fictions features the best micro fiction, flash fiction, haibun stories and prose poetry from around the world.

Editors of literary magazines and journals send their five best works of flash and micro fiction, haibun stories, and prose poems within 1,000 words published in 2021.

Capsule Stories Best Small Fictions Nominations 2021

Capsule Stories nominated the following five pieces for the 2022 Best Small Fictions anthology.

“In Florence” by Emma Bider

Emma Bider is a writer and PhD student living in Ottawa. She is currently fixated on identifying trees in her neighborhood. Emma’s collection of short stories We Animals was published in December 2020. You can follow her on Twitter at @ebider.

Read “In Florence” in Capsule Stories Spring 2021 Edition: In Bloom

“Girls on TV” by Nova Wang

Nova Wang is probably thinking about ghosts. Her writing appears in publications including Gone LawnMilk Candy Review, and Okay Donkey Magazine, and she tweets @novawangwrites. You can find more of her work at

Read “Girls on TV” in Capsule Stories Summer 2021 Edition: Starry Nights

Read our interview with Nova Wang

“My Sisters and I” by Pim Wangtechawat

Pim Wangtechawat (she/her) is a writer from Bangkok with a master’s in creative writing from Edinburgh Napier University. Her writing has been published in various places, including Mekong Review, Nikkei Asian Review, and The Selkie. She has performed her poetry at events in Edinburgh hosted by Shoreline of Infinity and the Scottish BAME Writers Network and has given talks about her writing at Chulalongkorn University and Ruamrudee International School. She is working on her debut novel The Moon Represents My Heart and is represented by Liza DeBlock of Mushens Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter at @PimsupaW and on Instagram at @pim.wangtechawat.

Read “My Sisters and I” in Capsule Stories Autumn 2021 Edition: Dancing with Ghosts

Read our interview with Pim Wangtechawat

“In Our Kitchen on Christmas Eve” by Jen Feroze

Jen Feroze (she/her) lives by the sea in Essex, United Kingdom, with her husband and two small sleep thieves. Her work has recently appeared in Doghouse Press, Gingernut magazine, and The Mum Poem Press. Her debut collection, The Colour of Hope, was published in 2020. She loves turquoise things, Christmas lights, and cheese you can eat with a spoon. Find her on Instagram at @the_colourofhope and on Twitter at @jenlareine.

Read “In Our Kitchen on Christmas Eve” in Capsule Stories Winter 2021 Edition: Sugar and Spice

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“Red Bean, Chrysanthemum” by Rachel Kim

Rachel Kim hails from somewhere between Seoul, South Korea, and New Jersey. She is a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, with undergraduate majors in media studies and psychology. She seeks to find the special in the mundane through writing, film, and photography.

Read “Red Bean, Chrysanthemum”  in Capsule Stories Winter 2021 Edition: Sugar and Spice

We wish these writers the best of luck and hope these pieces are selected for The Best Small Fictions anthology this year. And as always, thank you to all our contributors whose work we published in 2021!