About Us

Capsule Stories is a print literary magazine published once every season. Our first issue was published on March 1, 2019, and we accept submissions year-round.

We have a penchant for pretty words, an affinity to the melancholy, and an undeniably time-ful aura. We believe that stories exist in a specific moment, and that that moment is what makes those stories unique.

What we’re really looking for are stories that can touch the heart. Stories that come from the heart. Stories about love, identity, the self, the world, the human condition. Stories that show what living in this world as the human you are is like.

There’s so much noise out there, bombarding us constantly with an endless stream of information and it becomes harder and harder to hear ourselves think. This is a quiet place for you to sit, read, remember, and reflect.

We believe that words shape us as individuals. Words stay with us as we go through life, and the words we kept sacred yesterday may be different than the words we need today. Whatever you may be experiencing right at this time in your life, there are the right words for it. The right words comfort us in need. They breathe life into our beings. They show us how we feel. And we are here to give them to you.

Editorial Staff

Capsule Stories is owned and operated by two women who read all the submissions, edit the selections, and design the print layout of the literary magazine.

Natasha Lioe, founder and publisher of Capsule Stories

Natasha Lioe, Founder and Editor of Capsule Stories

My name is Natasha, I’m 23 years old, but people have told me I’m wise for my age. I’m a neurotic, anxiety-ridden, overthinking person who processes the world through how I feel about it.

However strange this company is, however out of the box our concept is, that’s just always been the way I perceived the world. I read books for a certain type of feeling. I remember my life in experiences based on the season. This is how I remember that time has passed. We are getting older. Wiser. Smarter. Thank you for letting me share my heart with you.

Carolina VonKampen, publisher and editor in chief of Capsule Stories

Carolina VonKampen, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Capsule Stories

Hi, I’m Carolina. I’ve always had a love of reading and writing, and in high school and college, I realized that editing was a perfect combination of those interests. Since then, I’ve been editing anything I can get my hands on: books, blog posts, content marketing, lit mags, magazines, and more. But by far the most fulfilling editorial work has been with Capsule Stories. I love getting to read fresh, new, exciting pieces and help edit and polish them so readers will fall in love with them.

I graduated with a BA in English and history from Concordia University, Nebraska and completed the University of Chicago’s editing certificate program. My writing has appeared in FIVE:2:ONE’s #thesideshow, Moonchild Magazine, and Déraciné Magazine. My short story “Logan Paul Is Dead” was nominated by Dream Pop Journal for the 2018 Best of the Net.

I am available for hire as a freelance editor and book designer and love working with independent authors to help them publish their book or polish their manuscript for querying. For more information about my freelance editing work, visit carolinavonkampen.com. I tweet about editing, among other things, at @carolinamarie_v and talk about books I’m reading at @carolinamariereads on Instagram.

Art and Photography Collaborators

Matthew Torres

Matthew Torres created and designed our beautiful cover art for Capsule Stories for our Summer 2019 Edition through our Summer 2020 Edition. He is a designer and illustrator. You can find him on Instagram at @feedmatthrew.

Laura VonKampen

Laura VonKampen is our freelance photographer who makes Capsule Stories editions look pretty. Laura is a photographer located in the Midwest but will travel anywhere to take your photos. She specializes in seniors, wedding, and portrait photography. Her number one priority is telling your story. She want to capture who YOU are through your photographs, so your stories can be frozen in time forever through each frame. Get in touch with Laura today to learn more about how she can tell your story! You can view her photos at @lauravonkampenphotography on Instagram.

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. We encourage our readers and contributors to support the Black community and the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are ways you can help. You can also check out this antiracist reading list and support organizations that help Black trans people here.